Pricing can vary depending on type, size and complexity of a project, as you can imagine. Different projects may require one to several engineering disciplines and multiple units of measure. At InCad Design our key objective for pricing is to arrive at accurate cost estimate and schedule and to avoid cost overruns, red lines and schedule slips.

Request Estimate - Project Initiation to Execution
To receive information and a definitive detailed estimate please fill out our request form describing the scope of your project in detail.

Attached files for upload
Reference material, sketches and photos/hard copies scanned in pdf, jpg etc. format.
Multiple files please compress files to one file if possible and keep max file size less than 50MB.

(note: it does take a few min. to upload the larger files)

  • We will need your sketches or photos
  • Required CAD files if available
  • Any other reference material you have available

If you have files that you’re not able to upload you can send them via fax. Please limit fax pages to less than 10 pages.  Fax number: (484) 650-3042

Confidentiality Policy
We understand our client’s concerns regarding confidentiality. All information provided by the client will be kept confidential and will be the property of the client.  inCad Design agrees that no information regarding the project will be disclosed to any third party, without the prior consent of the client.  We have no issues signing a non-disclosure agreement for any project, if requested.

When will I receive my Estimate?
You should receive a conformation email stating that we received your submission right away then one of our representative will contact you shortly after that. Usually within a one to twenty four hour period depending on the scope of the project. Our representative will confirm your request and  will have reviewed your request and may have some questions. Also they will be prepared for any additional questions you may have at that time.

What type of turnaround time can I expect?
The turnaround time is based on the scale and complexity of each project then booked on a rolling queue, and scheduled according to their priority, however turnaround time is discussed on a project by project basis, before any work commences. Deadlines can be negotiated and established if necessary.

When can work on my project commence?
After a simple proposal is approved, and a retainer/deposit is received if applicable, then your project will be scheduled to start on an established agreed upon time.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Check, Money Order/Cashier’s Check, Cash Or preferred via Credit Card

When are balances due?
Invoices will be sent out between 1-2 business days after completion to customers through e-mail and should be paid within the given deadline.  Any overdue payments shall be subject to 10% increase per month.  InCad Design reserves the right to withhold or terminate any work with delinquent accounts.

Additional Questions?
 Please see our  FAQ Page

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